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I always thought of the area right before you entered the Fuschia City Safari Zone in Kanto as a type of zoo. I suppose if we were to see something similar like that again would be cool. At the same time, I always thought that the Safari Zone itself was more like an open field zoo as well.

To be honest, when I think back, I'm actually surprised Unova never had its own zoo. Considering how popular the Bronx Zoo is in New York, you would think they would have included one. Or at least given the region its own Safari Zone to represent a zoo.

All that said, to have a zoo or to not have a zoo, whatever keeps PETA out of Pokémon's hairs is all that really matters. lol

Originally Posted by jov0006 View Post
Maybe there can be an abandoned town where the villains reside and it has an abandoned zoo and playground. Post-game it should be restored into a safari zone or something like that.
I really like this idea! Plus, it's something extra for post-game.
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