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"Alright then, sucks about dinner. Guess it's time to hit the sack, though, so I'll see ya after class tomorrow!"

Jogging the way back to the dorms, he began to undo his headband. By the time he arrived at the door and fumbled for his key, he had placed his headband in his pocket, his third eye slightly visible, but as almost always, closed. Unlocking the dorm room, he entered, scouring the fridge for food. It had some things, and he fixed himself a ham and cheese sandwich, made from ham and cheese he had found in the fridge and some bread that he had found in his suitcase that he had saved from breakfast that morning.

It was okay. Not anything amazing. Okay.

Showering, changing, brushing his teeth and finishing up, he put on his pyjamas and got under the covers. Exhausted from what the day had brought, he quickly fell asleep. His last fleeting thought... was...

Best first day ever.
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