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Quote originally posted by Al3X:
What exactly are the finishing touches that you can't do yourself
This is the list of things he is waiting for but can't do himself:
• changing a pokemon's stats/moveset
• Make the exploding rocks in ACRE FOREST permanent
• Making a person appear at a certain time
• Add a readable sign on Route 1
• Add three readable signs at the binoculars in the orchid city lookout
• Event that needs a key to open a door
• In the lab basement, have the computer ask if you want to place the fossil in the machine with a YES/NO prompt.
• Replacing about 3 trainers Pokemon that tools I use won't work on.
• Fix all flight and blackout coords
• Move Prof Oak further up to his original position (editing the event script so you walk further up also.)
• Edit the Guard in the DEPT.STORE underground script
• change lavender fly to cinnabar
• change lake of rage fly to fuscuia (memoria town)
• remove rattata and caterpie from the game's 2nd rival battle
• ability to fly to kanto towns at the start of the game

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