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Here's a rough price guide from Ebay.

Booster Packs
Base Set Unlimited (Up to $20).
Base Set Shadowless (Approximate $50)
Base Set Shadowless 1ST EDITION (Generally upwards of $200)
Fossil & Jungle Unlimited ($7-8)
Fossil & Jungle 1st edition ($10-11)
Gym Heroes and Challenge Unlimited ($8-9)
Gym Heroes and Challenge 1st edition ($11-12)
Team Rocket Unlimited ($6-7)
Team Rocket 1st edition ($8-10)
Neo Destiny Unlimited (Approximate $16-20)
Neo Discovery Unlimited (Approximate $11)
Neo Genesis Unlimited (Approximate $15)
Neo Revelations Unlimited (Approxmiate 15)

All of those in 1st edition are generally $15-25 dollars, EXCEPT Neo Destiny which can be around $30-60 for 1st edition).

Booster Boxes
Team Rocket Unlimited ($200-240)
Fossil Unlimited ($250-300)
Jungle Unlimited (250-300)
Fossil 1st edition ($300-350)
Jungle 1st edition ($300-350)
Base Set Unlimited ($450-650)
Base Set 1st edition ($6,500+)
Pokemon Gym Challenge Unlimited ($300-320)
Pokemon Gym Heroes Unlimited ($200-240)
Pokemon Gym Challenge 1st edition ($425-475)
Pokemon Gym Heroes 1st edition ($350-400)

Theme Decks
Base Set Unlimited ($25-30)
Base Set Shadowless ($40-$80)
Team Rocket ($15-20)
Jungle (15-25)
Fossil ($15-25)

As you can see some options can get a tad pricey but i money is no barrier you'd consider any one of those, barring the 1st edition booster box.
In a quest to capture the entire first series of the trading card game then going for the 1st edition rocket series .
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