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Rosalyn Smith

Rosalyn didn't know how long she had been passed out, but when she finally opened her eyes she let out a small groan and winced shutting her eyes tightly because of the bright light shining in them. "Oh good your awake" a feminine voice said and the click of the small flashlight being turned off. When her eyes opened again she saw a kind looking brown haired woman with wrinkles around her eyes.

"W-What happened?" Rosalyn asked weakly and sat up leaning against the pillows.

"Your friend brought you in because you passed out." The woman said smiling "I'm Dr. Martin, could you tell me what you were feeling before you passed out?"

Rosalyn looked at the Dr. "My names Rosalyn Smith. Before I passed out I was feeling really dizzy and I had a really bad headache."

"Hmm, sounds like a bad case if dehydration. I'll go let your friend know your awake" Dr. Martin said putting a glass of water beside Rosalyn. "Drink all this and then you can go, but I'll tell your friend to make sure you drink enough water"

Rosalyn nodded reaching for the glass as Dr. Martin left the room and went back to were Jimmy was. "Your friends awake and free to leave once she drinks some water. She had a bad case dehydration. So I suggest you keep an eye on her to make sure she drinks enough. She's in room 193"

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