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There'll be no such thing as "buying" in this project. Booster packs can either be free gifts, or rewards for winning duels. Either way, it works the same, as I shall now explain.

I imagined a screen showing the available booster packs (which can either be "all that exist" or "a defined selection of them"), and clicking on a pack will open it and show you what cards you've received. If you're allowed to choose more than 1 booster pack, you then go back to the first screen and choose another pack.

Each booster pack can be finite (you can choose it once and then it disappears from your choices) or infinite (you can choose it as many times as you like). Note that this only applies to a single instance of getting booster packs, and what you choose in one instance has no effect on the next instance (which may well have a different selection of packs to choose from).

I imagine that the "infinite" option would be used either always or never, i.e. not "just some of the time". It would depend on how the user wants their game to work. It only matters in the player can get more than 1 pack at once anyway. Both options have their perks.

Something like this:

The finite/infinite status of booster packs doesn't need to be shown. A single card set can have multiple booster pack artworks (which are part of the definitions alongside the quantity), in which case each one is defined separately and will appear separately.

This method is done even if you can only choose 1 pack. That pack is still shown first in this screen, which you click on to open.

Does anyone know the chances of cards of each rarity appearing in a booster pack? Should booster packs be throttled to force at least (or exactly) 1 rare card (or higher rarity) in every pack?