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Well anyway I was playing some black version and what not casually walked into a pokemon center and as my team were being healed, I noticed why do they have to be hurt in the first place. I know 1 of the pokemon traditions for many years were to battle and fight against one another but is it right? At the expense of the pokemon, people in the pokemon world are gaining satisfaction in putting them in an "no holds barred" against one another.

Think about the powers pokemon have? They are incredible at that! and could possibly kill a human so easily (team rocket must be damn lucky) . What effects does this have on the pokemon though? Yes you could say that it is awesome for them, and that they should level and evolve as Darwin has proved it to be, but in a time where survival is not a problem, fighting is the least needed thing for these types of "animals".

So anyway my real question is wouldn't their be Pokemon rights groups who are fighting for the freedom of Pokemon all around the Pokemon world?
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