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I use a mixture between Game Carts and Emulators. If I'm trying to rush through a challenge, I will use VBA for Gen 1-3 Games with the speed button, however, I find things the most fulfilling when you can use your Challenge Pokemon afterwards, more so if I want to take one of those Pokemon and use it on Pokemon Stadium 1&2, or if I'm playing on one of my Japanese carts, battle myself with the link cable. When it comes to the DS games, all of the ones I owned have vanished, and I play those on my AceKard (of course, I plan to rebuy them eventually).
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Current Challenges
2/8 in the Pearl Rainbow Challenge (Ultimate Challenge: Red-> Crystal -> Sapphire -> Pearl -> White)
0/8 in the Red Low Level Challenge(Ultimate Challenge: JP Red -> JP Silver -> Emerald -> Diamond -> Black 2)
2/17 in the Heart Gold Gender Discrimination Challenge (Male)
2/8 in the Sapphire Yellow Monocolor Challenge (Ultimate Challenge: Blue-> Silver -> Sapphire ->Diamond -> Black 2)

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