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Apologies for the tl;dr, in advance.

Wow it's been ages since I logged on or followed any thing of the anime. Only came back as I've only just found out that B&W is concluding and Generation VI is in the works.

Anyway with regards to the question at hand: after persisting bravely with the anime for many years up till the end of Sinnoh I just gave up at the start of Unova. I got really pissed of with the way Sinnoh was concluded - no meet ups with any of Ash's old pokemon back at Oak's place, no typical episode back at Pallet Town, sudden arrival at Unova and no references at all to any of Ash's past and Pikachu comically losing yet again to some starter right when he arrives in Unova.

Not that I had any hopes of any significant global progression in Ash's initial goal of being a "Pokemon Master" (remember those days, ehh?). I realised at the end of Johto that the anime was never going to conclude any time soon or that Ash would progress and develop that much and the entire story would essentially be reset every region, but ...... there were at least references to the previous regions & adventures up till Sinnoh, e.g. Old and previous generation pokemon reappearing, previous characters returning for a brief spell, Ash's earlier pokemon returning, flashbacks to the past, Ash spending time in Pallet etc etc, something that was completely erased during Unova.

As a matter of fact, I hear it got even worse at the Unova tournament with Ash actually regressing in terms of final tournament position. That's the final straw as far as I'm concerned with my association with the series. At the very least I expected Ash to equal his Top Four achievement in Sinnoh, with him finally winning a final league tournament when the series finally comes to a conclusion.

I may watch some of the earlier seasons for nostalgia purposes at some point in the future but unless I discover some episodes in the future with references to earlier periods I'll probably just skim the timeline page on Bulbapedia every few months just to get an idea what's going on. Plus just being a lot older now with responsibilities and more important things in life to worry out, I don't simply have the time to spend watching episodes.

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