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I used to play only on emulators.

However, Desmume can't play HGSS (my favorite game) without bugs. You need the anti-piracy patch, and even then the game might freeze after a while. Since the Desmume devs are like "we don't support Pokémon games" and "we don't care enough about Pokémon games to fix the bugs", I decided to support Nintendo instead and bought a DSi XL.

Apparently, a Supercard DSTwo with the proper updates can run HGSS flawlessly, too, so it's better than Desmume. I prefer the flashcart to the actual games because trade evolutions annoy me greatly and with a flashcart I can get around them. I really don't like DS emulation, it looks like crap on a PC because of the dual-screen and with Desmume I can't even use the highest magnification filter because the screen ends up bigger than my monitor, which is funny because I have a 23" monitor.

But! I'm thinking about getting second-hand 4th gen games, since they don't have the battery problems GBA games had.

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