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Originally Posted by hughes View Post
I always liked the idea of having more than 8 gyms and having to choose which ones to battle. I thought that concept should have been explored more, particularly because it is mentioned for the Kanto region in the anime.
The advantage the anime has over the games is that the anime isn't as restricted as the games are. They have the opportunity to explore and go off course to other areas and new gyms not incorporated into the actual games. While the games themselves need to keep the players on a direct path and storyline without giving us too much free reign to do whatever we wish and not skew the leveling system and order of events that take place in the plot.

While I'd like to see more than the traditional eight gym leaders and the option to choose which path we'd like to go down, I can see why they haven't explored that aspect as of yet.

Not to forget the golden rule, the games =/= the anime.
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