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hahahaha Red..Hamburger isn't allowed for you?? why that?come to Egypt then!

Hmm,religions isn't for parents....what's important is what you believe and how hard you want to keep holding to your beliefs! you think if you told your parents and they forced you to go back to be Catholic again that would make a difference!!! you will be a catholic just by name but not by beliefs....religions are something between person and God..only God can judge us!

i myself was born to be a Muslim and as i grow up i could change my religion even if that caused troubles though,i could...but i believe in Islam and i love being a Muslim...and i wouldn't change that because it's what i believe in and my beliefs is my life! <3

it's not between you and your's between you and yourself! ..the only one who can judge us all id our Creator! that's my own opinion according to what i believe (:
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