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The rating bumped up from E to T because of the graphical capabilities. Though the level of violence was the same, the ESRB argued that the graphical style enable it to be portrayed more realistically. Similar reasoning for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It was not necessarily something Nintendo set out to do. Not to mention that the ESRB ratings don't exist all over the world. More of a North American thing.

If you look at the franchise characters that make up the Smash Bros. roster, their original games don't contain foul language, gambling, drugs, excessive violence, etc. And I hope the world never receives a game that features a naked Mario.

To force that into the game would disrespect the original franchises. It would also effect sales and their brand. Nintendo claims to make games that are for everyone. Like Disney. That's just not the right audience for so-called "mature" content.
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