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An actual US senator claimed that video games are a bigger problem than guns earlier today on MSNBC (via DailyKOS).
When host Chuck Todd asked about universal background checks, the inexplicably elected Tennessee Republican Lamar Alexander abruptly changed the topic to video games.
"I think video games is a bigger problem than guns, because video games affect people," he said.
Well, sure, video games do affect people - I was quite affected myself by that thing that happened at the end of The Walking Dead season one - but I'm not sure it was as affecting as a bullet in the lungs would be.
At least not all US senators are this delusional. An avid World of Warcraft player won the election for State Senate in Maine last year after a hilarious smear campaign against her gaming ways.


Honestly, this is just stupid. I don't really know what goes on in the minds of these crazy people. People are blaming video games for the craziness that goes around and that's just sad. Are there any people here who agree with this guy? I mean, I showed it to some adults and they...kinda agreed. According to them, whatever you see/experience does affect your brain to a certain degree. So, according to them, playing Bulletstorm would make you become a psycho killer who kills people creatively. :<

I really liked this response to the video, by the way:
Quote originally posted by yt commenter:
This Senator is clearly right. As is everyone who says Video Games are more dangerous than guns.
I mean, have you seen the damage they can do? I once saw a game disc decapitate a clay model! Imagine the damage this could cause to a person!
imagine if someone with a good throwing arm decides to go on a rampage with video games. I for one do not want to have this happen. BAN THE GAMES!!!
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