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I named my character Byakuya, after Byakuya Kuchiki because he is my favorite male Bleach character. My rival was named Mayuri, after Mayuri Kurotsuchi, my least favorite "good guy" character from Bleach.
My current team in White 2 (because it's the only one I own for now), after defeating Iris, and going through Whitetree Hollow, is:
Zangetsu/Garchomp (simply because the fins on Garchomp remind me of Ichigo Kurosaki's Zanpakuto in its Shikai state)
Shirayuki/Glaceon (I wanted to put the full name of Rukia Kuchiki's Zanpakuto, Sode no Shirayuki, however the ten letter name limit didn't allow for that)
Benihime/Latias (Benihime, when translated to English, means either "Crimson Princess" or "Red Princess". Therefore, it is a fitting name for my Latias)
Virizion (I honestly couldn't be bothered trying to think of a nickname for this thing)
RyujinJaka/Emboar (Bla bla bla most powerful Fire-Type Zanpakuto bla bla bla fitting name for Emboar bla bla bla)
Haineko/Liepard (Haineko, when translated to English, means "Ash Cat")
I don't calculate stat values, I don't breed my way to perfection, and I don't care about natures. I catch my Pokemon the way they are, and treat them like individuals instead of brainless drones. If you use this philosophy, copy & paste this into your signature.

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