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Originally Posted by Cosmotone8 View Post
Am I the only one who thinks that both Knights of Cydonia and Panic Station are totally underrated songs?
I'm not sure Knights of Cydonia can really be called underrated, that song was (and still is!) huuuuge, it's one of their most highly rated songs ahah. But I agree so much about Panic Station, that song is utterly amazing. I don't care how similar it is to Another One Bites The Dust, it's just such an amazing song. It's one that you can instantly get into as soon as the intro starts and once you've listened to it a few times and get to know the lyrics etc, it's just amazing! Definitely my favourite from The 2nd Law.

Originally Posted by DavidtheDeadPhilosopher View Post
I feel Madness is more of a Queen Rip off, in fact, it sounds VERY similar to the Queen Song "I Want to Break Free"
Oh god yes, could not agree more. Especially the solo, it just screams Queen. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing - I don't really mind if it sounds like other bands as long as it sounds good. It is a really good song that's for sure, but I definitely wouldn't call it the best on the album by any means.

Originally Posted by DavidtheDeadPhilosopher View Post
Also, since we're on the topic of "Knights of Cydonia" Did you know it's a small tribute to Matt's dad George Bellamy and his dad's band "The Tornadoes" with the song borrowing heavly from the song "Telstar"
Oh wow, I didn't know this! I can't listen to the video right now so remind me later, but I'm actually really surprised to hear this. I didn't think Muse did that kind of thing much haha, Knights of Cydonia seemed like such an original and unique song - partly why it receives so much endless praise! How heavily does it borrow from the song?

Originally Posted by DavidtheDeadPhilosopher View Post
@Alex I've acually heard that they were in fact not drunk, but were asked not to swear on the program, but, I mean that's hard to confirm.
Lol honestly I wouldn't put this past Matt, he's been known to do worse when he gets offended.
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