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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
You are joking - they suck ;)

Hmmm we also didn't get Zekrom/Reshiram's typings til a few months later (which was around.. two?) and by that point people kind of forgot about caring, iirc. Sooo hopefully not that long.
Child, please. u_u

Personally, I don't think we've had legendary mascots this interesting since Gen III. As cool looking as Dialga / Palkia / Giratina and Reshiram / Zekrom / Kyurem may be, they don't look all that much different from one another. They each have similar designs and body structures it doesn't really make any of them stand out more than the other - except, okay, I really don't like Palkia to be honest.

So as cool as they are, there just isn't much variety between the Gen IV or V mascots. Even their typing are practically shared.

Whereas with the Hoenn mascots, they're each different. Other than a similar ancient pattern printed upon their bodies, they each look completely different and unique from one another. That's why I think Xerneas and Yveltal have been the best mascots [in my opinion] since Gen III, because of how different they are to each other. It makes them both stand out on their own right.

Plus it does help that they do look pretty darn awesome.
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