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You all know I love everything Unova produces. Except Druddigon... Crimgan was muuuuuch better, but w/e I didn't like the Pokemon in the first place. OH OH! Maractus is creative, and Volcarona actually Volcarona is extremely awesome. When I first heard Lillipup I was like "WHAT IS THIS? IT MAKES NO SENSE I WANT YORTERRIE ;_;" and in a way I still kind of want Yorterrie :x

Quote originally posted by PlatinumDude:
I also like "Samurott", simply because it's a samurai sea otter.
Ya Samurott is awesome sounding.

Quote originally posted by jellicentfan1:

I found Alomamola's name to be creative because it is a palindrome and bit of a tongue twister. It is really fun to say 5 times fast.
Plus combine it with Amoonguss and it fits perfectly!

Also I like Golurk because it's like it's telling you to go lurk somewhere in the shadows which is awesome. OH AND REUNICLUS AND DUOSION AND SOLOSIS!!!

Okay I like everything... :(
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