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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
...there's such a thing as an aquatic farm? I want this!! Normally farms in-game aren't overly exciting but given what we saw in the underwater tunnel thing in B2/W2 an aquatic farm would look awesome, and there could be lillies everywhere for sale and those could be special items that give your Pokemon energy~~~
Yes there are such things as Aquatic farms XD

We have a few here in Louisiana XD Crawfish Farms, Rice Farms, and a few Catfish farms. XD

@Spoink + Pearl bit, Spoink don't grow pearls though. Only Shellder/Cloyster/Clamperl do. Spoink finds the Pearl and uses it as a focus, then loses the Pearl when it evolves.

I kinda hope they stick to traditional animals. Goat, Pig, Chicken would be ok, but I feel awkward about it. Maybe they'll introduce a new type of food item relative to berries that do the same thing, but aren't part of the berry groups. Like make Fruit and Vegetables for Pokemon.
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