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Quote originally posted by redxagon:
Where is Waterfall located? Thanks! Great Game~!
After defeated the E4,go to Cayon Path,there'll be a cave there,enter it and battle Genesect,after that,N will appear,after he leave,go to the top of Mt.Skywall,he'll give you HM07 Waterfall.

Quote originally posted by Mochorro:
Ok, the game is fantastic, and I like the story. I've found a few bugs, most of them were found in 2.03 version (now I have the latest version), so they may have already been fixed. Here are they:


(Bedge, also, get stronger should be is stronger, or has got stronger)

(Silk's Loppuny using Struggle in the first turn).
(movement permission error)
(the same)

(Bugged nurse)

(It's not Taunt, it's Torment) And MagiKRAP is intended, right?
(A ghost!)
(This is not a Bug, it's just that TM 47 Steel Wing is missing)
(movement permission)

I've defeated Team Mirage at their hideout, and this is my team so far:

That TM shop improved them a lot!
Thanks for reporting,and I found that most of then were undiscovered before,and I've fixed them just now.
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