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I'm gone. Bye.
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Originally Posted by kinataki View Post
Preferred Nickname: kinataki
Skills: i can do everything except scripting(i can do texts, and little yes/no things. so im not like 0)
Proof of Work: i.imgur .c om/gx s9Gbe.p ng (erase spaces.).It's not like work of art because i made this in like 10 minutes. i can do your world map easily. (i just had this for proof of my work, this doesnt mean i cant do something else than this.)
as an overworld editor (did that like 2 years ago)(i know you dont want ows but that was just for showing what i can do.)
Past experience: 2 games, both failed, because i was the only one doing it.
Means of contact: "kinataki."(yes with dot.)
Timezone: I'm currently (GMT + 2:00)

i have grammar issues
i don't like projects with fakemons. thats all.
Currently pending.
The world map is... good. But it is spaced out a bit, and needs to be the proper FRLG size, what ever size that is.
Currently I'd need someone how can insert.
As for overworlds I'm good with those currently.
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