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Originally Posted by Razor Leaf View Post
I... honestly don't see why academic journals should be open to everyone anyway other than "we don't want to pay for information". People worked hard to write those things and if they want some money for that then I feel they're more than entitled to it. Also don't see why MIT would honour Swartz when he's the one who broke into their campus and hacked their network, even if his cause was arguably (although not in my opinion) morally better than what's happening now.
I don't think MIT is considering honoring him. I think it's some third party who is suggesting that MIT do this.

And don't academic people want their work to be read? Isn't that the point? The reward is the data and info their collect in the course of their studies and experiments. It's the prestige, and possibility that their prestige and acknowledgement will get them future funding for their future research. That's my understanding at least.

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