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Originally Posted by Trainer Jun View Post
Shouldn't you be able to host it on this site? I mean, isn't that what you're supposed to do anyway, to avoid things like this? I've come across many a broken link or inaccessible download file due to hosting on other sites.
Not for updates... There is nothing against the rules by using file hosts on this site. This is not an issue for which I will get in trouble and this site or anyone else for that matter have any right to dictate how I release updates. People keep complaining and no one realizes that I have no obligation to do any of this for you guys. So I'm done updating this tool. If you people want tools make them yourselves.

Originally Posted by Iacobus View Post
Gamer2020 shouldn't be using crap like linkbucks in the first place.
Everyone else should be using AdsFight!, Ads Skipper of RedirectionHelper by now (

@Gamer2020: I don't know what you get paid for this, but it can't be more than 40 cents a month.
If you continue using this crap service, I will personally contact the authors of the tools your editor downloads as they all deserve a percentage of your earnings.
Go ahead cause if you think there is some earning when downloads only accumulate a few dollars and hosting is a couple hundred then your math skills are horrible. Never threaten me, ever.
I find it amusing how people my steal ideas and then claim to be the first one to do something.

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