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James Tate -> Cafeteria

Tate arrived at the island in the morning. For the sky view, the academy seemed a lot more stunning than he ever imagined. Gary Oak told him that it was the most expensive project he ever had, but turned out into success judging by the number of trainers that travelled from their hometowns (some of them from far away regions) just to join the Academy. Tate was expecting it to be huge and impressive, but it was more than that: it was huge, beautiful and placed on an island that had everything Tate ever wanted an island to have: mountains, caves, fields and icy locations; all of the habitats united in just one island, waiting for him explore them, between the classes. But first he had to find his room.

From Oak Town to the dorms it wasn’t a long journey and Tate soon reached there. The room was huge, nicely decorated and had simple furniture: just a bed and a desk. He didn’t need more than that. It was just the enough to sleep and work; he wouldn’t spend much more time in his room.

Once he finished unpacking his stuff and was about to exit his room, in order to explore the academy and have his things set (the next day he would give his first lesson in the Academy) for the classes, he heard the sound of someone running in the grass. Tate went to the window, but he just saw a kid running with his Pokémon. This little guy surely knows how to push his Pokémon. But look at the poor creatures, they seem really tired!, he thought, while closing the blinds.

“I’m going for a snack, Lance. Will you join me? There must be a cafeteria or something like that, around here.”, he said to his Escavalier.

The Pokémon nodded quickly; he was just hungry has his trainer. A flight of two hours, without any food, can leave you really hungry.

The two started heading towards the Academy building, passing by students who were battling, training or chatting; those would be his new students. Tate always enjoyed teaching, but in this place he was expecting to enjoy even more. Gary Oak promised him a nice wage and a great opportunity to connect his teaching with the habitat research. He couldn’t wait to start exploring the Academy and surroundings. In fact he would, but after arriving at the cafeteria, a student, with a long and grayish hair, collapsed into the floor. Apparently no one saw him and his Pokémon, namely a vigorous Deino, tried to wake him up. For the first time, Tate saw a young, but fierce Deino, having no idea about what to do and for a moment, he could almost swear that the Pokémon was looking for someone that could help them.

“Dear God! Can’t anyone see what’s happening to this fellow?”, he shouted at the whole cafeteria, who was too busy chatting, drinking and eating to pay attention to what was happening to that student, “Lance, lift him and sit him in that chair. I’ll get some water and try to wake him up.”

The Escavalier put his lances beneath the boy’s shoulders and dragged him to the closest chair. The student’s Pokémon seemed a little relief, seeing someone helping their trainer out. Tate returned with a glass of cold water (and some other people who were watching) and poured it over the boy’s head.

“Hey, little fellow!”, Tate called him, trying to bring him back to reality, “Can you hear me? Are you all right?”

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