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Finally made it up to the Elite Four, but might do some more grinding before I actually face them, as I feel my Pokemon's levels are still a little low.

Lucario (Louka) Lv. 59
Serperior (Tarja) Lv. 58
Druddigon (Drudge) Lv. 58
Drifblim (Blif) Lv. 58
Samurott (Senn) Lv. 60 - traded from White
Houndoom (Phenix) Lv. 58 - traded from White

Funny enough, looking at my previous party, the 2 Pokemon I figured would be my safest bets going forward (Swanna and Arcanine) ended up getting replaced, while the other Pokemon that were on the bubble actually stuck around.
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