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OK, time for my official application then...

Position (multiple if necessary): Head of Programming
Proof of Ability (if applicable):
Using (Berry) Bag for Item Selection
Seasons in Fire Red - One of my older works, dynamic palettes. It has other applications.
Some small ASM work on Pokemon Grey This included dynamic textbox pallets depending on the time of day.

You can also find a few of my other ASM hacks/memory discoveries that I unfortunately never released the source to on my YouTube. Totally regret that now that the hard drive they were on got corrupted. Here's a sign thingy that I did in ASM, but it had text and the pink was transparent. I never took a picture of the finished product, which was very bad on my part:

Lastly, I think you remember this beauty:

That's in Fire Red, all ASM. so if you wanted, once I polish it and release the source, you could make it anything you want, ie Professor Rowan's suitcase, a table with PokeBalls on it, etc. If you want a video, I could do that, but I was lazy and opted for a picture. If you want more on this, you can view my Photobucket ASM diary thingy.
Comments (if applicable):
I've done a bit more than what's above, but I unfortunately never released it. Still, I think this amount of experience will suffice. I look forward to doing some epic ASM hacks from the community project. :D

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If you're using a mac, see if there's a mac version
There's a Linux version, so I'm pretty sure they have a Mac version.