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I thought the sequel was set to be released last year?
Double checked my copy of Game Informer (December 2012 edition) and the release date is 2013. No specific date yet. It's possible that the original release date was in 2012, though the article didn't mention anything about a delay. Also, the name is Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

That's where you're wrong. I've seen a lot of people online, mostly on My Nintendo News, complaining about Revelations no longer becoming a 3DS exclusive, because it shows Capcom is really lazy.
I fail to see how that's lazy on Capcom's part in anyway. If they're insinuating that Capcom's taking the easy way out by rehashing an already existing game then make a new game, then they're being really stupid. Aside from everything Elendil said, Resident Evil 6 didn't do as well as expected. Hell, it didn't do well at all. It'd be way to early to release an in canon game, and the last non-canon game they made, Operation Raccoon City, was bombarded with crap. Seeing as they aren't making as much money of RE6 as they wished, and also seeing that RE:R did well on a system that many people don't have, making it available to console's is an obvious choice for the company.

That being said, I'm definitely going to buy the game when it does come out for consoles. I need a good scare, and from what I hear, RE:R can give me that. I have my hopes!
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