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Quote originally posted by EvilSkittles:
Username: EvilSkittles
Instruments: French horn (7 years), Ocarina (on and off 2 years), Singer (10 plus)
Are you willing to collaborate with other members: Yes, of course

I've also played a bit of piano and the accordion.
I've never known of an Ocarina player before! That is so cool, is it difficult to play?

Quote originally posted by Kitrigar:
I haven't tried Musescore, but I actually find it to be easier to use Sibelius. Maybe it's because I was taught how to use Finale, but I think Finale is more efficient in composing scores quickly.

Quote originally posted by cacturne4512:
Yeah, another flute player! Woo! *high fives*

Woo! I was afraid I'd be the only one.
Ah ok cool - Musescore is a lot like Sibelius, I just find it has a simpler layout... maybe because that was the first one I used so I'm more used to it.

I can play flute a bit as well.... I'm only a beginner though! (Clarinet's my forte)
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