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Phew! So many posts in just one day. I'm thrilled and very happy, I just wonder when I'll get time to write my own haha. I would gladly have ten of your posts to read through rather than time to write two of my own though :D <3

@ Breezy.
Lost in the forest, oh no! I like that you made Pidgeotto female :3

- Wartortle grew to lvl 14!
- Nidoran grew to lvl 10!

@ Letham
Maybe a bit short battles, but you decide how to write and I just evaluate how much experience the pokémon likely got (and how much happened inside your post ;] )

- Lucy (Dewott) grew to lvl 14 and learned Focus Energy!
- Zeus (Blitzle) grew to lvl 10!

@ Red Wing
I liked that rival :D Colorfully written.

- Phoenix (Combusken) grew to lvl 14!
- Lily (Petilil) grew to lvl 10 and learned Sleep Powder!

@ Xlugon Pyro
That's got to be the longest post in the thread so far. Over 5000 words! Also, I'm impressed by the fact that you let Vuowth and Zoey lose to devastatingly.

- Vuowth (Grovyle) grew to lvl 15!

@ heretostay123
A beautiful rival, eh? ;) Ah, I'm thinking of catching a Swablu too. We'll see!

- Paris (Ivysaur) grew to lvl 12!
- Hector's new Swablu is on lvl 8!

@ Charizard_Man
Such a beautiful post ;; I really pictured the page fluttering underneath the stone at the end...

- Zilla (Croconaw) grew to lvl 16!
- Grim (Scyther) grew to lvl 10!
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