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Originally Posted by Evanlyn View Post
I've never known of an Ocarina player before! That is so cool, is it difficult to play?

Ah ok cool - Musescore is a lot like Sibelius, I just find it has a simpler layout... maybe because that was the first one I used so I'm more used to it.

I can play flute a bit as well.... I'm only a beginner though! (Clarinet's my forte)
I decided to switch to Clarinet my last year in High School because we were loaded with flutes.
The fingerings are pretty similar to the flute and I learned it pretty quickly.

Originally Posted by EvilSkittles View Post
Not really if you've played any wind instrument, being a flutist it should be familiar. I own a 12 hole alto which can play a little more than an octave. You can get double and triples. With a triple it has pretty much the range of a flute.
The only trouble I'm having is modulating my breath since I'm use to my french horn. Now I'm inspired to go pick my ocarina back up and relearn everything. I have a terrible habit of putting it down for a while. I haven't really pick up my french horn in a while either, hmm.
I tried the French Horn during a summer camp I went to a few years ago. Switching from a woodwind to brass is not very easy, haha. I gave up like the 3rd week of learning and never went back to it. Makes my lip tickle too xD.
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