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Started playing Emerald again on an emulator. I'm kind of already at the Elite Four whoops. But I might see about training a little before going through it (haha... yeah right knowing me). Also it's kind of bitter sweet because I found a Shiny Poochyena while looking for another Pokemon (needed a surfing slave) and it's my first third generation shiny. But ... it's in a ROM pft. But decided to use it on my team instead of Cacturne because yay shiny.

Here's the team so far. Only five members because haha HM Slave:

Blaziken ( Fuego ) ♂
Level 46
Slash, Peck, Double Kick, Black Kick

Mightyena ( Colette ) ♀
Level 46
Take Down, Howl, Roar, Bite

Aggron ( Hotchner ) ♂
Level 44
Thunder, Iron Tail, Mud-Slap, Take Down

Altaria ( Aithusa ) ♀
Level 44
Fly, Take Down, Dragonbreath, Dragon Dance

Walrein ( The Walrus ) ♂
Level 46
Waterfall, Body Slam, Aurora Beam, Rest

mod ☆ # b l u e b l o o d s ≡ pairs
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