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Cape City

"Alive I am, Siren," Deluge retorted to Genevieve, emphasizing her title as opposed to the use of her name. Deluge believed their titles were there for a reason, and thus should be used as the natural order of things, as Auron had intended. "And quite well too, I might add. Though..." He examined over the Gardevoir with his eyes, taking in her appearance. "...I'm unsure the same could be said about you. Are you feeling well? You've looked better." He commented. Deluge was known for his quick wit and intelligence, but also for his ability to read and remember other Pokemon. He would often know by mere appearance when something was amiss with someone. But the true purpose he would often use this skill for was the determination of the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents. Deluge came to battle prepared, having often thought of the entire outcome of a fight with someone in his mind before it ever began. Combine this skill with his determination to accomplish his mission no matter the consequence, and it forms into a deadly Sentinel.

As the thunderous steps of Sovereign now echoed from the Stoneguard, Deluge observed as the two newest Sentinels conversed. Deluged scanned over both of them each time it was their pass to speak. As they were the newest, Deluge had never gotten the opportunity to get a good read on them...yet. However, from his small interactions he's had with Sovereign, he understood that beneath the brutish front he protruded was a more complicated Pokemon, the likes of which the Castform could not quite get a read on just yet. And though he had only just met Snype, he felt he was beginning to get a pretty good read on him, even perhaps if the read was a bit premature. Deluge nonetheless believed time would reveal the two to him.

"I'm sure Auron has a plan. Whether it's along the lines of your thought process or not, Snype, I know not. But I'm sure it will be revealed to us soon enough."

Sentry was quiet during this entire time, hanging by the doorway attempting to find the chance he could to leave without much hassle. However, it was apparent from the reactions of the others that they may not have been as informed as he was.

"Why Auron waits is his business." Sentry interjected. "But the reason we're all here is obvious. In case you haven't heard, both Shine and Gravel City was taken by the Alpha Alliance around the same time Albia was. I think it's plainly obvious where they're going next."

Deluge nodded in confirmation. "Here. Yes, that would make sense. Then we are here to stop their advance. They have gained quite a bit of ground, haven't they? You'd almost feel bad for them for having made it so far only to have to soon be crushed. Almost. And still, I have my concerns. I mean, take our numbers. Auron pulls a portion of his forces from Gold City and positions them in the major towns and cities, each one contains a certain percentage of our force. But the percentage of our numbers back when we controlled the other cities relative to those now stationed around Gold City is laughable. I mean, to me, he almost...opened up the path back for the Alpha Alliance to strike because these cities appeared conquerable. I bet if he placed an equal portion of Ancients in each city, no army would have dared to touch us. Ever." The floating Castform glided back and forth as he spoke of this, barely making eye contact with the others as he ranted on. "But let us forget about that for now. And let us forget about the fact that Lord Auron chooses to allow the Gold Tribe to roam free. Let us assume that these are part of his plan. A more immediate concern for me is this: why, oh why does the Gold Tribe go to Cape City on their own, without the company of the Alpha Alliance army with them?"

Deluge stopped floating and examined the other Sentinels. As his eyes passed over where Sentry was standing, he noticed the Scizor had apparently left at some point in his long explanation. Shaking his head, he looked back over the others. "Well? What do you think?"

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