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Quote originally posted by Aryan143:
No you have to evolve your Eevee by earning points.
Ok then I guess I should try to stay active and stuff. I don't really post in clubs often but I'll try.

@Schwan Congrats on getting a shiny Eevee! I have one in White, but I didn't hatch it myself, I won it in the Shiny Raffle for PC's tenth anniversary get together, PCX.

I personally evolved mine into Umbreon cause I love it's shiny the best. It's probably my favorite shiny Pokemon over cause of how cool the blue rings look. So if it were up to I'd evolve it into Umbreon. I don't like the shiny for Espeon cause it looks so ugly as green imo. And for Glaceon and Leafeon , yes I was disappointed in their shiny forms. They're basically the same, just a brighter shade and I was expecting something cooler like a brown or red-orange Leafeon and maybe Glaceon would have purple "hair" or turque and a whitish body. That would be pretty cool.

@Aryan143 is it cool if my Eevee's shiny? :D