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Originally Posted by Gamer2020 View Post
Production of pokemon game editor is now canceled. Obviously people don't realize hosting is neededfor the update system and other things. There is no profit in this at all and if other tool makes do want a cut they can ask for their 1$ share... Hosting is way more compared to the few dollars the site makes. You'd think you'd be able to see that.

I.... was about to ask you how i add more attacks in PGE though ._.

Plus i'm still waiting this program to even better

Until i came across... this...

please release more updates D:

no one has re-uploaded it right?


Seriously people, you should stop complaining about how is this file is hosted.
If it hosted to linkbucks and such, so what's wrong with that?

I see nothing wrong with that, beside, we also support gamer2020 to make this tool even better, you only have to wait LESS than 1 minutes, what's wrong with that? i'd rather waste my 1 minute time than organizing all of my tools to one.

Malicious link? Viruses?

either your Anti virus shoot the false message, or you guys are too smart to pick the wrong download.
dunno what to write here....