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I thought I join cause lately, I've been obsessed with looking for shiny Pokemon. Like anytime I playing and I'm in the wild , I think, "I hope a shiny Pokemon appears." and of course none ever show up. D: But anyway here's my list of shinies and the respective games they're in.

(Ruby and Sapphire) - found in wild - (soon to be transferred to White or Black 2)
(White- Given from a friend)
(White - Given from a friend)
(White- Give for a tournament on Bulbagarden)
(White - gift from TwilightBlade)
(White- gift from friend on other forum)
(won as Eevee in PCX's Shiny Pokemon Raffle)

Yeah most my shinies I got as gifts , but I've found some in the wild, but traded them away: a shiny Patrat and a shiny Minccino. Regret giving them away now.
Small list, but hope to gain more as I get more into shiny hunting and chaining.

Currently hunting:
Shiny Tepig
Shiny Charmander
Shiny Braviary
Shiny Whimsicott
My first shiny of 2013 and first shiny in Black 2 and White 2.
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