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▪ What's your favorite signature Legendary Pokémon attack?

Definitely V-Create. Simply a beautiful attack, the most powerful one (one of the most maybe) and made by the cutiest Pokémon ever bwhahaha.
Victini's cutie ears ignite into flames. The flames then disappear, leaving a V-shaped yellow flame around its head and a red aura around Victini's body. Victini then rushes towards on its opponent and headbutts it *BOOM*, causing a gigantic explosion. I can't imagine with Sunny Day.

Just have a look!

Oh well, about Mewtwo... It is very easy and hard to say it. At first, he thinks that he's not complete, because he's a part of the Ancient Pokémon Mew. He can see Mew's pictures of its past, as seen in the movie.
Mewtwo keeping asking who is he, and he can't find and answer this question in his heart and mind, and
so it will attack primarily responsible for its non-reason: humans. He wants to prove to himself his power and defeat Mew and wants to prove that he is unique. At the end, we can see that he forgive himself and all his anger, and help and protect all Pokémon with his own power.
Mewtwo is a very brave Pokémon for me, he had an hard life to understand life as an human, now, he thinks as a Pokémon being! :D