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Hmm. Robots evolving over humans. Well theres a nice thought. I suspect that in some point the definition between a "human" and a "robot" will come to a halt. Meanimg that in some point we resemble robots so much and viceversa that we cant be separated. This could happen with new biomechanics and other applications. As for AI.s ruling the world...I could see that happen. An AI as a benevolent dictator is something that will propably happen. At some point humans will of course feel threatend by their robots growing stronger and wiser. At that point it is determined how humanity will proceed. a war against machines, a peacefull symbiosis or a complete wipeout of human life. Either way I hope some of us would see the birth of a first thinking cyborg... Sigh... Qnd biotechnical arms are always nice... Exept the part when you have to rehabilitate the muscles and all that. :/

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