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Kemono Vera
Kaitlyn's little DAEMON danced rapidly around the screen, though she didn't seem to follow a particular pattern besides slightly stuttering around one of the amazingly bulky monsters presented before her, occasionally jumping away from it entirely to switch out with whoever needed the most help. Though the furry seemed to be handling the monkey's issues quite effectively, the girl at the computer only really noticed the fact tangentially, as the beat softly coming from her headphones allowed her to time each click almost perfectly. If she moved a certain distance, she could finish the final frame of her attack before the dubious creature could begin its in, though being able to move faster would have allowed her some comfort in the act. And some genuine empathy for the people around her, like the monkey that just got his butt dropped. He allowed himself to take even one hit, so he'd probably be a burden in the future.

With her whittling down the mob allowing Kemono Vera to see most of their battlefield at once, it was easy to catch the tell-tale glow of dropped loot, along with the text that came up with another declaration of the Pepperton DAEMON's success in defeating one of them. She swiftly came by, breaking apart from her current opponent to grab a set of Thief gear and have most of it equipped, before the content little DAEMON dashed away from the pile again to duck between a creature's legs and elbow-kab it in the back of the knee, with tiny text popping up beside Kemono Vera. "Thanks." She left the daggers behind, in case somebody else would need them.