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Quote originally posted by hinkage:
I like the layout of it. The trees are pretty natural, but not so much that it hinders the player. It's like Game Freak style.
I studied too many Game Freak maps :P

It wouldn't hurt to add a tiny bit more variety with the trees, tho, such as with the ones above the ledge in the bottom left.
By variety you mean make it look more natural?

Quote originally posted by hinkage:
The splotches of sand contribute nicely, but the middle area is still pretty empty, so I'd make the sand a lot bigger there. Or, you could remove that part, and replace the other sand tiles with those light-green grass ones. (Like the pathways in Pallet, Idfk what they really are.)
You are right, the middle is extremely empty. I originally had 2 people there, but it seemed like too much. Maybe the light green path will fix that.

Quote originally posted by hinkage:
-Grass is too blocky and unnatural.
Kyledove tiles #1

Quote originally posted by hinkage:
-Random fence in bottom left is out of place. I know you did it cuz of the ledge, but you can do treetop + ledge if you do some tile editing.
-Flower placement doesn't flow very well. I dunno, they just look weird to me. My own usually look pretty weird to me too tho, no idea how GF makes it look good.
I agree, the fence looks retarded there; I don't know what I was thinking. As for the flowers, GF always places them in patches together, where as I just put in 2 together. If you look at their maps you'll know what I mean.

Quote originally posted by hinkage:
Rating: It reminds me sorta of Route 102 and 29. It's simple, but pretty cool, so I'd have to give it an elephant/10; toaster/10 with fixes.
My expert deduction skills and years of experience tell me the first letter of your word/10 scores translates to 8/10; 10/10 please don't confirm if I'm right or wrong.

Thanks for the rating. It much more constructive than what I was expecting to get :)

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