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The white dragonlike DAEMON landed onto the back of the brown chicken monster and clawed herself stuck. The monster flailed its hands around but Ryuujinx punched it in the head from behind several times. Suddenly, the monster flung her over its neck and flat onto the floor in front of it though. Ryuujinx barely had time to roll aside before the monster thrust its beak into the ground where her head had just been. Looking back, sitting up, she saw that the monster's beak was stuck in the ground! It struggled to get loose but the dragon wasted no time; she dropkicked the creature to the head thanks to Arakira using an advanced keyboard combo. It wasn't always successful, but this time it had worked. The monster was pushed out of the hole in the ground by the kick, and merely shook its head before it let out a bird-like roar at the DAEMON and charged forward.

What clumsy opponents, Ryuujinx thought as she sidestepped the move even more easily than she had rolled away before, and watched it run headfirst into another monster. They couldn't be very high leveled.

"Quick, grab one and equip it!" Ryuujinx heard another DAEMON shout just then. She saw two of them run forth and pick up something from the ground. Following their example, the dragon did the same, not really looking at what she had picked up until she had moved to the back of the group where no monsters were in the immediate vicinity.

There, she examined the item and found it to be a starter class kit for Black Mage. "What?" she commented, but heard a roar from a monster and decided not to be picky. She could equip with something more fitting later; she hadn't been actively battling in CLOUD for long but she had never aspired to be a mage of any kind. Rather a soldier or other kind of direct fighter.

Equipping the kit immediately dressed her in dark purple robes, automatically fitting her long, slim body, gave her a long, black wooden staff in her left hand and put a strange ring on her right ring finger.

"This is... uh..."

Arakira leaned back in the couch. She could hear the servants running around in the hallway outside the door to her little sister's room where she was. Commotion had finally begun. But there was still not much that the servants could do. They had to keep working for the Osumoto family.

She checked the time in the corner of the laptop's screen; it was getting late. But if this about CLOUD was true, pretty much no one was probably asleep now. She might as well stay up. It was not like she had a choice at the moment. Arakira sighed and leaned her head closer to the screen again, looking up what kind of basic starting spells her DAEMON had been given by the kit.
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