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Quote originally posted by 雷影 イチロ:
New Roleplay is just around the corner. Get ready for it.

totally did not come back just to see this but I'll be bummed if there are no spots when I come back from my road trip! :( Been looking forward to this since it was first announced!

Quote originally posted by Miss Doronjo:
I've been wondering: there's been often talk about what can attract you to a RP, but, I'm just wondering:

What discourages you from joining certain RPs? Is there factors that you would consider an RP to be... not very attractive?

I rarely feel discouraged when it comes to roleplays, but the one thing that makes me feel really discouraged is actually the demand for activity. If there's a roleplay that demands a ton of activity (i.e. YOU MUST POST TWICE A DAY OR GOODBYE etc) it's...really not my cup of tea. I mean, activity is awesome, but I really want a roleplay that can fit my busy schedule, and not be bragged or pestered every time to get a post in. lol

I agree with the two members who said structure in first post and the quality of the posts. Those two seem to fit my criteria. lol

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