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Welcome new members! Of course anyone who joins the club is absolutely welcome. So no worries about rejection. As always, friendship is magic!

Now, I wanted to bring something to attention while I was away trying to get schoolwork and life in order. I spoilered this because many people (especially friends that I know) are not happy about spoilers for it and there are still club members here that haven't reached this point in their journey through bronyhood MLP episode watching. So, only view it if you are ready for Season 3 Episode 12, and if you have a response, please spoiler it. Thanks!

Alicorn Twilight Sparkle, people. Somehow most of us can't seem to get away from these spoilers for the Season 3 finale. Yeah, I tried. I couldn't (curse being in a MLP forum lol). What is everyone's opinion on this? Do you think this is just an excuse for Hasbro to sell more toys? What's your reaction when you heard the news?

Also, not spoilering this. It's worth knowing: Derpy Hooves (or Ditzy Doo in other terms lol) is pretty much canned entirely from the show due to the controversy from "The Last Roundup". Personally, I'm pretty sad, I kinda wanted to see more of her after that appearance.

and yes, season 4 is in the works. It has been confirmed.
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