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Lucia Francisco Bernavard - Academy Cafeteria

Lucia continued to walk about. "Yes, dragon pokemon can work! We need to find some. They live near the mountains right? Brian, you can go up and talk to them of course!" She did glance over as that boy straggled in, but he was already being surrounded by other students so she continued to plan. "Alright, plants are always great so we can do that and make sure it brightens up the atmosphere." She turned to the two boys, "Anything else you see that can be added?" She asked them. "I can't do all the planning myself you know!"

Diana nodded slowly, "Sure. We can." She said softly back.

Samuel just continued to eat as he saw that ghost come out and couldn't help but roll his eyes at her words.

Tyro giggled at Able and patted her lightly. "Hehe, yeah. I wouldn't."
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