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Quote originally posted by XxITomxX:
Nope D: Why wats in that scroll

A Nursery Rhyme and is theres a guide for this i am stuck
its a nursery rhyme, and if you click it three times it gives you three different comments on it, the last of which is very true, and makes you really think about the stuff children are read

as for a guide, there is really no need for one, there is literally a finite area you can go to, and check, if you're wondering about beating gym leaders, miltank is literally a tank, i found it a great help on the first gym leader, the bulbasaur you find is amazing, and gets better because its from another trainer, but it may disobey you. if you are still having trouble, theres the past, you can enter a test past area by going to a "cave" entrance behind the first gym, and you can catch all of the fossil pokemon all at lv 20
if you still need more help, just ask here

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