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I would go with the Wii U for now, because the PS4 shouldn't be an awful long way away.

I have high hopes for the Xbox 720, not for the PS4. All these rumors about the PS4 I've been hearing and also the threads about them here have really given me a stronger repel from the Playstation. I don't know what Sony are trying to do with it, but we'll see when it comes out. All I can say for the 720 is just that it will be a nicely improved model and also just the general Xbox stuff; Dashboard, chats, achievements, avatars, layout etc. However, I'm not too sure about picking one up myself. I've had an Xbox, 360 and 360 S and have enjoyed them all greatly. But having recently become a PC gamer, Steam and Origin have been keeping me fine and dandy; an Xbox might not be the right place to go. You know, I just feel a lot more comfortable on PC, everything is more familiar and smoother.