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Username: AoiFushigisou (but in game only Aoi :D )
Type: Grass
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Game(s): Leaf green (now playing) -> Silver -> Sapphire -> Pearl -> ? (I don´t know yet)
Yeep I released my ROM problem (and I hope that I´ll never have it again :D )
I played this game today for hours and here is my 3rd Kanto update (I hope that last .....4th will be here soon :D )


- Had to caught new HM slave - Dratini
- Went to 1 island
- Killed Moltres
- Went to 2 island
- Went to berry forest on 3 island
- Went to Cinnabar Island
- Went to Viridian City
- Defeated Giovanni
- Went to Indigo League .... Wait rival is there ...
- Lost to rival (BTW In my game his name is Daiki :D )
- Lost to Daiki .... (I hate Pidgeot)
- Lost to Daiki ..... (I hate Charizard) ..... I felt that i´ll do it after this...
- Lost to Daiki ..... (Agrrrh why I called him Daiki when I hate him)
- Defeated Daiki´s Charizard ..... but lost to Daiki
- Defeated Daiki..... (Ayeeeeeee :D)
- Went to Indigo League
- Went to champions road
- I´m training my pokemon here ....

And my current team:

Venusaur (name: Shohei) Lv.57
- Substitute
- Poisonpowder
- Leech seed
- Razor leaf

Parasect (name: Taku) Lv.40
- Slash
- Dig
- Leech life
- Spore

Victreebell (name: Morita Go) Lv.50
- Razor leaf
- Acid
- Sleep powder
- Growth

Exeggutor (name: Takuma) Lv. 43
- Strength
- Confusion
- Egg bomb
- Explosion

Tangela (name: Arioka) Lv. 30
- Absorb
- Vine whip
- Rock smash
- Poisonpowder
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