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I probably won't get Nextbox and PS4 for a while. I'll be Wii U and the two handhelds only until the PS4 has any significant enough games. As promising as a PC is, I don't have the time and money to build a personal gaming one, and can't say I care much for its exclusives and multiplat titles for the most part. That, and I don't mind inferior performance provided it isn't anything game breaking.

Thing about Microsoft is that Live lost its values for me, and its exclusives are nothing interesting for me at all anymore. Since Sony is most likely gonna keep it, I can pay the same amount of money I pay Live for PS Plus while also saving a lot, and the fact that it's a lot more consumer friendly. I went with the Wii U first because Nintendo always provides the games I want. ("Casual", easy to just pick up and play but still addicting and extremely fun games.)

I'm pretty sure I can deal with just the Wii U, older consoles and the 3DS/Vita for a long while. I'm primarily a handheld and retro gamer, anyway.

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