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Quote originally posted by Elendil:
Getting a PS3 would come down the line either way, and PS4 is out of the question, considering how I have a PC. The real problem for me is do I go PS3 or 360, cause the exclusives on MS' front are more tantalizing for me. Fable, Forza, and crackdown are all my cup of tea, not to mention I would also be able to buy an OG one from my friend for 50 bucks, meaning it would literally be a steal, but a russian roulette. Its like 7 years old, and if its a RRoD machine, then good lord would that be hard to fix.
Well, you have a good chance of games on the 360/720 going on the PC, especially the first party ones (such as Fable, where the only ones that are unavailable are Fable 2 and Journey), so it's not an nonviable strategy to stick to the PC. That, and MS has been trying to integrate Live into most of their products (especially Windows 8)