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Originally Posted by Letham View Post
I definitely like this idea as it makes sense. I like the idea of being able to challenge gyms in whatever order but don't you need certain badges to go to certain places? I could be wrong there its been some time since I've played a Kanto game. I'm also wondering what timeline this is. Is it the manga world? The Anime? The Games? It seems more akin to the classic Red/Blue games but more open world-ish.

And I like the 5th gen TMs method but I can see the reasoning behind the old school way as well.
I believe I replied to this trail of thought in my previous post. Partly because it's good to be steered a little in this kind of RP (believe me, I've experimented with many styles of journey RPs now) and partly because it gives me a better chance to be able to keep up well with the teams in the first post, you'll be posting in a rather linear manner through the chapters. But like I said, moving backwards through areas is not impossible if you really want that. When the plot thickens, the RP will likely seem less chapter-y though.

And I also stated that this is a kind of alternative timeline. Thus, it is neither strictly anime-like, manga-like or game-like, but rather a hybrid. :3 I think battles work really fine as we've done them so far though! Rather anime-like without involving stats. I like.
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