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Quote originally posted by Sydian:
You're allowed to trade or hack in the valentine Pokemon, but not the others.
It's good best friend has many favorites, so my team is good now

The Present: Hitmonlee (Kicking stuff FTW...the ULTIMATE GIFT!!!)

The Valentine: Raichu (Hope it's a female...this MIGHT be useful, not a Pikachu, lol.)

The Attraction: Vaporeon (To me, Eevee and it's evolutions are supposed to Attract and I wanna use one!)

The Duo: Nidoqueen (Using Nidoking in a Red Nuzlocke...why not use her? Besides, it's the only duo I know of in FR/LG and I'm attracted to females, so yeah.)

The Pink: Clefable (It's pink...and kinda wanted to use one.)

The Flower: Venusaur (Haven't used this guy in a LONG time.)

I might also pair up these guys into couples just because it's a love challenge

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